Saturday, April 13, 2013

Tips & Tricks Of The Week! With Jamie Estelle

Every week Jamie Estelle Jewelry receives jewelry questions. We decided it would be fun to answer some of your questions here every week on our blog.  Along with a tip or two!
Our first question of the week is!
Lisa from VA. Wants to know, " I am new to making jewelry and I think I'm opening and closing jump rings wrong. Is there a right way to do this?"
Thanks for your question Lisa! Yes, there is a right way to open and close a jump ring. You should always open your jump ring left to right, (never pull it apart)  as you will loose the shape of the jump ring and weaken the bottom of your jump ring.
How To Open And Close A Jump Ring
1. Grasp the jump ring from the side with a flat - nose pliers.
2. Using another pair of pliers, push one side of the jump ring away from you and the other side of the jump ring towards you. Like in the picture above.
3. Your jump ring should look like this.
4. Slip on the end of your bracelet or finding.  Take your two sets of pliers and bring both ends of the jump rings together. Wiggle them back and forth a little to close up any gaps, you should hear a tiny click to reassure you that the jump ring is now close tight and correctly.
Closed Jump Ring
That's It!  I hope I helped with your question Lisa. Thanks for writing us.  If you have anymore questions please feel free to ask. Make sure to come back every week as Jamie Estelle Jewelry answers new Jewelry questions.
Jamie Estelle Jewelry's Tip of the week!
TIP:  Threading a needle can be tedious an outright annoying task, but with this fun fast tip you will be threading your needle in no time! Before you thread your needle take a little glue,  and put it on the tip of the thread.  Smear it in and let it dry. (It should dry fast) The tip will not only hold the fly away threads together,  but will make the thread stiff at the tip.  It will making it easier to thread through the needle.
Tune in every week for new questions and Jamie's tip of the week.  If you have any questions about jewelry please email me at  in subject put jewelry question. We will be sure to answer your questions right here every week on Jamie Estelle Jewelry Blog. 
Thank you! 

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