Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Spooktacular October

Hey everyone!

I know? I am a little early for Halloween but,  I have so much I want to talk to you about and share with you all, I just couldn't wait!

September and October happens to be one of my favorite times of the year.  I love fall! 
The leaves change, the weather starts getting cooler, and that fall smell is in the air. Oh and the colors! I also love fall colors.  Pumpkin picking. 
Fall is a lot of fun around our home. 

Not only do some of us celebrate Halloween in October, but it is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Amongst a couple others, like  Domestic Violence Awareness MonthLupus Awareness Month, and National Diabetes Month.

aww so true!
 It's also Adopt a Shelter Dog Month.
Aww try to adopt a pet!

Come by my shop and let's celebrate Halloween together!  We have some really cute Halloween tile ribbon necklaces on sale for 7.99 each!

There are many different assortments 
of tile ribbon necklaces.  SPOOKTACULAR FUN!

For Breast Cancer Awareness Month we have some jewelry items starting at $6.99

Thanks for reading my blog.  I hope everyone enjoys September and October!  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me Here

October is also Eat a Cookie Month!  Yum!
Have fun everyone!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Never Forget 9/11

I want everyone to take a moment today and stop what they are doing.  To remember all the men and woman who have fought for our country.  For everyone and everything that we lost that day.

Our Fallen Soldiers

As hard as life is right now for most of us, its harder for someone else today.
Appreciate your family and loved ones, as someone is missing theres today. 
While you are home warm and safe,   someone else is fighting for our rights to keep this country safe.

I cant believe it has been 10 years.  It seems like yesterday.
I remember everything from that day.  I was at work.  Where were you?

Thank you everyone for taking the time to read my blog.  Please feel free to comment.  God bless!

Never Forget!

Friday, August 12, 2011

CLOSED WiredUPp's Nature Jewelry Giveaway

Hi everyone-

We are having another free giveaway.  You can own this cute "Vintage Rose Sparrow Vine Bracelet".  This bracelet comes in sizes 7 and 7 1/2.

This bracelet is made from tibetan silver.  It consists of, tibetan silver branches, a cute tibetan silver sparrow, clear crystal dangle rondelle, and a beautiful cream colored rose. Complete with a tibetan silver toggle clasp.  If you would like to own this bracelet,  all you have to do is...


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or Heart and Leave a comment telling me what your favorite item is on my Etsy shop. Here

If you do one of these or all,  your automatically entered to win!

The winner will be announced CONTEST IS CLOSED using a number generator on RANDOM.ORG

The winner of WiredUPp's Nature Giveaway is Gianna Patton. Congratulations Gianna!  Thanks everyone for playing, stay tuned for more giveaways.


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

WiredUPp Jewelry On WLTX News 19 Morning Show

I am so excited about being mention on the news this morning.  I wanted to share my video with you.
I won "mom of the day" from a WLTX web sight.  This morning they aired this on WLTX News 19 Morning Show in Columbia SC.
News Anchor Natalie Roers is wearing one of my necklaces. Doesn't it look stunning on her?
Thanks WLTX and Nat!!

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Thanks for reading everyone! Huggss!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

As Seen In Bead Trends Magazine

                                                           Elegant Chunky Agate Necklace

Hello Everyone -

Let me start out by saying, I am so honored to be a part of August 2011 Bead Trends Magazine.
There were so many talented people in this months issue.  If you haven't pick one up yet, you must.  It's full of great artisans/designers, pictures and how-to articles.  You can pick one up at Barnes And Noble or online, at a reasonable price. Click here

I just wanted to let you all know, that I have just relisted this necklace, it is up for sale in my shop.  It is the original necklace in the magazine.  CLICK here to see


There are 5 large diamond shaped Agate pieces. Each Agate diamond shaped stone measures 1 3/4 inches. The stone colors are of strong greens and deep bronze. The colors really bring out the detail in this necklace. There is a main pendant in agate, edged out in bronze colored seed beads, in a peyote stitch. The peyote stitch goes up the sides and front of the pendant. The main pendant measures at 2 inches. There is a glistening dark bronze 6 mm glass pearl dangling off the main pendant. These 6 mm bronze glass pearls add such a touch of elegance to this necklace. These pearls are In cased in silver bead caps, that are surrounded by three strands, all twisting together with more bronze seed beads, and small detail silver spacer beads. Complete with a bronze toggle clasp. What a beautiful elegant earthy necklace. This would be a great piece to add to any one's collection

This necklace is made from high quality stones and materials.  Light weight and comfortable. A beautiful statement piece. If your interested then go check it out.

Thank for stopping in to read my blog.

More giveaways will be coming soon!  Be on the look out!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

CLOSED "WiredUPp's Summer Giveaway Contest"

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Hi everyone -

I am doing a summer giveaway contest.  You can own this cute set of 5 toe rings.  It's free! Everyone loves a little something free right?

All of my toe rings are adjustable.  It is made from silver non tarnish wire. It consists of glass pearls, silver round beads, swarovski crystal, and small white pearls.  These toe rings are light weight and comfortable.  You will love them! 

All you have to do to enter is:

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Do any of these 3 things and you will automatically be entered in the " WiredUPp Summer Giveaway Contest"

Congratulations to Alexandra Al Najjar for winning the WiredUPp Summer Giveaway Contest!
Good luck everyone!

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hand Painted Jewelry By WiredUPp


In the last couple of weeks I have taken an interest in making hand painted jewelry.  I wanted to share these pieces with you.  I have really enjoyed making these pendants.  As I hope you enjoy looking at them.  This is a new line that I have been working on for my jewelry collection. 

Each pendant is made from resin clay. All of my hand painted pendant are carefully crafted and hand painted by me.

Painting has always been one of my loves. I have been painting for many years. Painting countless mural, and crafts for all to enjoy,  but jewelry is my passion.  It's what I see myself doing for years to come. I am so happy to be able to incorporate my painting in to my jewelry,  and of course share it all with you. 

Each piece is a (OOAK) one of a kind.  When my customers purchase these works of art, not only are they receiving an OOAK piece, but its something they can enjoy for many years to come.  Maybe even passing there jewelry collection on to there loved ones,  for them to enjoy.  Knowing that my painting will continue to live on long after.

I decided before posting my hand painted jewelry on Etsy  I would post them here first,  to share with my readers. All comments welcome and i hope you enjoy.

These pendant will be up for sale on Friday, July 22nd., WiredUPp Jewelry is also having a 10% off Summer sale (code is SUMMER)



Lovely Vintage Dragonfly and Lady Cameo Necklacehttp://www.etsy.com/listing/77888333/lovely-vintage-dragonfly-and-lady-cameo

                                                  Victorian Lace and Blossom Bracelet

         Sweet Romance - Flower and White Glass Pearl Necklace

      These will be available for purchase on Friday

I do make custom jewelry.  If you have an idea, or would like something crafted for you.  Please feel free to stop by my shop and conversation me for details. 

Once again I hope you enjoyed this blog and thank you for stopping in.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars


I like to bake from time to time,  when I can.  I figured let's take a break.  Let's drink some coffee,  and enjoy some Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars together. My kids Favorite!


  • 1 cup butter

  • 4 cups confectioners' sugar

  • 2 cups peanut butter

  • 1 1/2 cups graham cracker crumbs

  • 1/2 cup butter

  • 2 cup semisweet chocolate chips

  • Directions:

    1.    Melt 1 cup butter or margarine over low heat.
           Remove from heat.
           Stir in peanut butter until creamy.
           Then stir in confectioners' sugar, graham cracker crumbs. Mix well. 
           Spread mixture in a baking dish pan. Pat down evenly. 

    2.   To Make Topping:
          Melt together 1/2 cup butter or margarine.
          Then add 2 cup chocolate chips.
          Spread this mixture over peanut butter mixture.
          Refrigerate 1 hour. Cut into squares.


    Saturday, April 9, 2011

    About WiredUPp by BlueyekittanDesigns

    Hello all-

    I told you I would be back!... 

    I also said I would tell you about myself.  So here is a little story about my life and who I am.  Hope you enjoy!

    I started selling  jewelry on Etsy in 2010.  I am a Jewelry Designer and I love what I do. 

    I was born and raised in a small town in New Jersey.  I loved growing up in NJ.  The beaches the people, Oh! and the food!  I miss my hometown.  I moved to South Carolina 4years ago.  It is a very beautiful state, but I will always be a Jersey Girl.

    I have been an artist all my life. I started drawing when I was 3 years old.  My  mom said I would sit for hours and just color and draw. haahaa!   I joined my first art class when i was 13. I learned so much about sculpting and painting. This began my window to the art world.

    I also ventured in to singing at this time in my life, from 13-16 years old,  I sang Opera.  I loved being on stage especially at this age..hehee! I felt like a little movie star.  I sang in convention hall in Asbury Park NJ. It was just so exciting and fun.  My Italian on the other hand?..Oh my?..lol..I was not good at it..lol..I could sing, but another language, nope!..lol. So I went back to doing my paintings and drawings, I figured it was safe here..ha! 

    At 17 I was offered a job with Florie Roberts, I drew the animations,  for direction on how to put on eyelashes. So now not only did I have my first real job, but I could put fake eyelashes on now to! yay!..The things we learn when we are young.


    After all of that in my younger years, I moved on to getting married having children.  I had bigger responsibilities too take on now.  I left my art and music behind.  So I thought!  

    At 25 I divorced and I started signing again. This time I started singing Country/Pop,  It helped me through a tough time in my life. Music heals! Its true!   I made a Country demo CD and worked with that until my late 20's early 30's.  Traveling to NY and NJ. This was a great time in my life.  I met a lot of interesting people and friends.  I also met my new husband and we were married in 2006.  We have a beautiful little boy together, hes 3 years old.

    But!!  I always found myself coming back to my art. I loved painting.  I loved how it took me away. Everything I felt I could put in to that one painting.  It was a great creative feeling.  I have so much inspiration around me.

    I still sing, but now its to my children..hehe!  I paint when i can.  Flyer's, logos, and graphic design, draw, photography and jewelry.  I love it all, but jewelry is my passion.   I was always interested in making jewelry, I played around with making some piece throughout the years.  I didn't really settle in to jewelry making until after 2006.    Now I am a Jewelry Designer.  This is what i want to do.  With all my experience in art and with all my inspiration around me, family, awesome friends who have been there from the beginning and have not left my side.  A supportive husband, who supports me through it all.  Family who has pushed me to be who I am today.   I wouldn't change not a single thing.  It's been a fun road.  With so much more to travel.

    Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about me.  I hope you enjoyed it as much as I had fun writing it.  If you would like to see any of my work its on www.blueyekittan29.etsy.com  take a look around, leave some comments, let me know what you think. I’m up for ideas to if you have any.  I love to try new techniques in jewelry, I'm always learning  =)   Also look for me in this August 2011 issue of Bead Trends Magazine.

    Thanks again for stopping by <3

    Thursday, April 7, 2011

    Hello Friends!

    Hello to all the beautiful people out there in blog land.  I just wanted you all to know,  that I'm new to blogger. Well! At least I thought I was?..lol...I must have joined a long time ago under BlueyekittanDesigns, I never used it though Ha!  So here I am under my new account,  you can follow both if you would like, but this is where ill be posting my future blogs =)  

    I will be posting soon so bare with me,  while I try to figure out this site.  In the mean time, if you would like to get to know me, before i start posting blogs, why don't you swing on over to my site  www.blueyekittan29.etsy.com  and see what i do.  See you soon! HuGgSss!