Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Fashion Clash: Color Blocking!

This years fashion must is color blocking. I like to call it the fashion clash! 
Use up to three colors to achieve the up most color combination.

A popular color theory for combining colors is called the rule of two thirds. The rule of two thirds starts by making an equilateral triangle, a triangle with 3 equal sides, on the color wheel.  You pick two of the three colors that the triangle touches. These colors will almost always look beautiful together!

If your not in to bright colors, stick with your neutrals -  black, tan, brown, navy blue, or white. Add animal prints, for more of a dramatic look.

It's all about having fun with color, but if color blocking isn't for you.  Then use your accessories!  Color blocking with jewelry is a great way to add a little color to your style. 

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Bird Nest Pendant Tutorial

By Jamie Estelle Jewelry
These cute little bird nests are fun and fashionable!

In this tutorial, you will learn step by step instructions on how to make your very own bird nest pendant. Once you learn the basic design, you can create many different styles.  From earring to pins! These styles are endless.  Let's have fun!

:::Bird Nest Instructions:::

- 5 ft of 24 gage wire. The more the wire the bigger the nest.
- 3 of 4mm beads in any color, I used turquoise.
- round nose pliers, flat nose pliers and wire cutters.
Cut 5 ft of 24 gage wire.
String on your 3 beads, leaving a 3 inch tail

Push together your 3 beads crossing the wires and forming a triangle shape with your beads, twist the wire 2 times to secure it.

Twist your entire wire making it look wavy. When you start to wrap your wire it will give this a twig texture to your nest.
Holding the beads as leverage, wrap the wire around your beads 4-5 times.
After wire wrapping around your bead 4-5 times, take the end of your wire and thread it through the bottom of your nest twice to secure your wraps.

Continue wire wrapping your wire another 4-5 times, and on the opposite side, thread your wire through the bottom of the nest twice and secure it.
Then coil your wire on the bottom of the nest. Making sure to thread through to secure it, making sure to cover the bottom of your nest, covering up the 3 beads.

Continue to wire wrap 4-5 times around the nest, securing the wire as you go. Repeat these steps until your nest is the desired size you would like your bird nest to be.
Leave at least 3 inches of wire to make your bail.
When your done wrapping your wire around your nest, you should have two 3 inch tails. You can chose to cut and tuck one of the tails, or cork screw it for a little added texture.

After take your last tail and wire wrap it to make a bail.
With your round nose pliers fluff up your wires, bend it to give it more style and texture.


You can choose from many different materials.  Choose colored wire to give your bird nests some color. Or sterling silver wire.  Use crystals to give your bird nest some sparkle. Add charms for a whimsical touch. 

Have fun creating!  For more on this tutorial visit us on Youtube Click here

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Jamie Estelle Jewelry With House Of Style

On June 24th I had the pleasure of working with David Hamilton, of House Of Style, along side some really great, talented and stylish people at the Raine Lounge in Bronx NY for a photo shoot.

I have to give it to everyone involved.  A lot of work goes in to making the perfect picture.  The end results are always well worth it.  Here are some behind the scenes of House Of Style NY. Enjoy everyone!

Jamie Estelle Jewelry

Michael & Jean from Jamie Estelle Jewelry

Model: Allison Czap - Photography: Jimi Drake

Model: Tessie Knight

MUA: Jamie Campos Model: Tessie Knight

House Of Style NY Models
Model: Tessie Knight
Hair: Lori Gedhardt
Make up: Jaime Campos
Photography: Mike leone studios
Jewelry: Jamie Estelle

Model: Julia Young
Hair: Sarah Rylee
Make up: Stephanie Miyares
Photography: SFX Photography
Jewelry: Jamie Estelle
Model: Soigne HauteFiyah Legacy
Hair: Lori Gedhardt
Make up: Stephanie Miyares
Photography: Steven Hardy
Jewelry: Jamie Estelle

Model: Yasmery Cuevas
Hair: Shani P.
Make up: Stephanie Miyares
Photography: Gerald Edwards
Jewelry: Jamie Estelle

Model: Maria Shapley
Hair: Lori Gedhardt
Make Up: Jamie Compos
Photography: Steven Hardy
Jewelry: Jamie Estelle

Model: Allison Czap
Hair: Sarah Rylee
Make up: Stephanie Miyares
Photography: Steven Hardy
Jewelry: Jamie Estelle

For more about House Of Style Magazine Click Here