Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hand Painted Jewelry By WiredUPp


In the last couple of weeks I have taken an interest in making hand painted jewelry.  I wanted to share these pieces with you.  I have really enjoyed making these pendants.  As I hope you enjoy looking at them.  This is a new line that I have been working on for my jewelry collection. 

Each pendant is made from resin clay. All of my hand painted pendant are carefully crafted and hand painted by me.

Painting has always been one of my loves. I have been painting for many years. Painting countless mural, and crafts for all to enjoy,  but jewelry is my passion.  It's what I see myself doing for years to come. I am so happy to be able to incorporate my painting in to my jewelry,  and of course share it all with you. 

Each piece is a (OOAK) one of a kind.  When my customers purchase these works of art, not only are they receiving an OOAK piece, but its something they can enjoy for many years to come.  Maybe even passing there jewelry collection on to there loved ones,  for them to enjoy.  Knowing that my painting will continue to live on long after.

I decided before posting my hand painted jewelry on Etsy  I would post them here first,  to share with my readers. All comments welcome and i hope you enjoy.

These pendant will be up for sale on Friday, July 22nd., WiredUPp Jewelry is also having a 10% off Summer sale (code is SUMMER)



Lovely Vintage Dragonfly and Lady Cameo Necklace

                                                  Victorian Lace and Blossom Bracelet

         Sweet Romance - Flower and White Glass Pearl Necklace   

      These will be available for purchase on Friday

I do make custom jewelry.  If you have an idea, or would like something crafted for you.  Please feel free to stop by my shop and conversation me for details. 

Once again I hope you enjoyed this blog and thank you for stopping in.


  1. Awesome works and cool post!! I especially like the "Somber Sunset" piece, although I've always been fond of all of your creative works! I wish you well and hope you've a ton of sales as a result of your labors! :o)